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Balboa GS100 Spa Controller only

Balboa GS100 Spa Controller only

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Balboa GS 100 spa control system - control box only - spare part

Suits 1 x 2 speed pump, ozone and light ONLY

This system is limited in application and really only suits spas with low powered 1hp or 1.5hp 2 speed pumps - well suited to replacing spa packs in some Hot Spring Spas utilising a 2 speed pump (without circ pump) as they have no air blower.
Suits other limited applications also.

*NB this pack suits a 2 speed pump ONLY. It will NOT control an air blower or a single speed pump. Therefore its applications are very limited to spas fitted without an air injection system and must have a 2 speed pump.

Electrical ratings: 240v, 50Hz 3.0kw heater
Low current (heating with low speed only) this unit can connect to a 15A power supply
High current (heating on low and high speed) this unit requires 20A-25A power supply depending on pump rating.
1. Heater is available separately - 1.5" and 2" versions 2kw and 3kw.
2. Minimum power supply required - 15A
3. Will NOT run single speed pumps, circulation pumps or blower. Will run a single two speed pump only