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Davey Spa Power Classic Electric Spa Heater - 2.3kw

Davey Spa Power Classic Electric Spa Heater - 2.3kw

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Davey spa power classic 2.3kw electric spa heater

2.3kw, 10A, 240v (although rated for 10A this product is not suplied with a power cable. Recommended to be hard wired to a dedicated electrical circuit)
May require larger electric circuit if the Aux outlet is utilised. 15A+ circuit recommended.

Can be vertically or horizontally mounted
Analogue adjustable thermostat, high limit and pressure switch protection, dual relays. 

Not suited to in-ground applications due to slow heating timeframe. Suited to portable or in-deck spas with a thermal hard cover.

Suits fresh water applications.
Cannot be used for seawater or float tank applications.