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Spa Power 500 (Controller only)

Spa Power 500 (Controller only)

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Spaquip Spa Power 500A Mk II 10A Controller with :
1.5kw heater (10A) or
2.0kw heater (15A)

Control 1 x single speed pump and 1 x blower (or light, etc).

Replaces 54500 and original 500A controllers - redesigned circuit board and different box lid.
Also replaces older Pulsar and 2095 series controllers where only 1 x pump and 1 x blower were connected (if you have one of these old controllers with either a light or 2nd pump as well, you will need a Spa Power 800 control system as a replacement).
240v, 50Hz.
Total combined current draw of pump & heater must not exceed the 10A or 15A rating of the respective unit. (some of these units were supplied originally with oversized pumps for the rating. In these cases alternate solutions may be required)